“We’re going to have the biggest infrastructure investment program since World War II …And if you look, our roads, our bridges, our tunnels, our ports, our airports, our water systems, they’re all in need. They all should be repaired.” Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton: a real plan to rebuild America

Decades of budget cuts have left our infrastructure crumbling. Roads and bridges are collapsing, schools are falling apart, and water systems threaten the citizens that rely on them.

It’s time to invest in rebuilding America, and we have to do it right.

The largest investment in infrastructure since World War II

Hillary Clinton has a detailed, 5 year, $500 billion plan to invest in rebuilding America that includes an infrastructure bank that guarantees maintenance and future expansion. That means new roads and bridges, better schools, and safe water systems.

A commitment to rebuild the middle class

Hillary Clinton is committed to workers who can deliver safe, quality projects on time and under budget. That means hiring a well-trained workforce and paying them a middle-class wage that builds our economy and strengthens our communities.

About Us

Hardhats for America was founded in 2016 to reverse the years of neglect that have harmed our roads, bridges and other infrastructure. America’s infrastructure is the very foundation for our energy, transportation and overall economy – and currently, it is old, improperly maintained and inadequate to serve our families, businesses and economy. In every corner of the United States, collapsed bridges, crumbling roads and stressed energy systems threaten our long-term economic health and the stability of the greatest middle class in world history. America is literally in danger of crashing and burning due to decades of neglect.

The Solution: Hillary Clinton has the boldest infrastructure plan that America has seen in generations. As President, she will help us repair roads and bridges, make broadband universal, build new airports, and modernize our energy grid. And she’ll do it all while creating good, fair-paying jobs with standards that support real apprenticeship programs.

Hardhats For America is a super PAC registered with the Federal Elections Commission (FEC). Betweeen now and Election day, we will organize and speak out throughout this election to advocate the election of Hillary Clinton and other supporters of long-overdue infrastructure improvements throughout the United States. The choice is very clear, and could not be more important to America’s families, economy and national security.


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For more information, contact us at info@hardhatsforamerica.us

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